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Backlit LED Banner 1

right Do you want potential customers to gaze in admiration at your product banner? Do you want to attract crowds to the banner announcing your latest product deals? Then opt for our backlit banner to make it more alluring!

What Are Backlit Banners?
Simply put, backlit banners are a unique way for you to add style and charm to a regular promotional banner.

The objective of a banner is to attract customer attention, and a backlit banner does all this and more with a stylish twist. When you buy a backlit banner, you essentially get a ticket to guaranteed attention to your promos from the masses.

A backlit banner utilizes light to highlight the important messages and promotions you want to share with your potential customers. You can add great definition as well as extra dimension to your regular promotional banner by opting for a backlit option.

Backlit Banners For Customer Appeal
Your customers are sure to find a lit up banner highly attractive and engaging, keeping them interested in viewing the company offerings, and remembering them for a long time. These banners are highly creative ways of triggering the curiosity of the customer and engaging them to view the details of the banner.

A backlit banner is a high resolution sharp image banner which is lit from behind to give your promotional message a big boost and announce it to the world! The backlight effect highlights all that your banner has to see, and also takes your marketing campaign to the next level.

Just provide us with the details of your banner design and let us work out the finer details.

Your customers will be drawn to the backlit banner like fireflies!

All you have to do is provide us with the custom design requirements and we will provide you with the backlit banner design of your choice.

Variety Of Uses
Not only can you use these amazing and charming backlit banners to highlight your promotional activities, but also use their alluring design to add a vibrant element to a variety of different banner options. You can opt for a backlit banner when:

Choosing a direction signs banner
Safety sign banners
Menu boards
Promotion and advertising banners
There are a number of ways you can utilize the technology used in backlit banners to make a regular safety sign, building map, or an advertising banner different from the others being used in the industry.